November 2002

Voters In Turkey Expel Leadershıp

04 November 2002 Ian Fisher / The New York Times Voters angrily drummed Turkey’s incumbents out of office today, choosing by a sound margin a party […]
November 2002

Islamists claim victory in Turkey

Leader vows to keep secular rule 04 November 2002 Catherine Collins / Chicago Tribune The elections were watched closely by the United States. Turkey houses U.S. […]
November 2002

Turkey Waits and Wonders: How Closely Bound to Islam Is Election Victor?

07 November 2002 Ian Fisher / The New York Times The question is even more relevant now that Recep Tayyip Erdogan is, in all but name, […]
January 2003

Turkey juggles dueling war demands

U.S. seeks help, but public wants no part of fight 14 January 2003 Catherine Collins / Chicago Tribune ISTANBUL — Under heavy pressure from the Bush […]