Cuneyd Zapsu comments on Davos: “The most important of all is to meet people”

Cuneyd Zapsu comments on Davos: “The most important of all is to meet people”

January 25, 2020

Cuneyd Zapsu, the World Economic Forum (WEF) Senior Advisor, commented on this year’s agenda of Davos. Saying that change is inevitable in order to develop, Zapsu said, “The most important of all is to meet people at Davos”.

Cuneyd Zapsu, the World Economic Forum (WEF) Senior Advisor, assessed the agenda of the 50th World Economic Forum (WEF) which was held at the Davos town of Sweden. Saying that development will not happen without change, Zapsu said, “I told this to all of our politicians at Davos. The use of this place is what is discussed outside rather than what is discussed inside”. Zapsu, emphasizing that meeting people at Davos is important, stated, “I am calling out to our businessmen from here. Especially our young businessmen. At this age, I still come here to see if I can learn something new, if I can sell something. These are things that one should not brush off”.


Saying that there are now many rivals to Davos, Zapsu said, “There are forums in Russia, the United States and Sweden. Soon, we will have our Antalya Diplomacy Forum”. Zapsu gave examples about the businessman Hamdi Ulukaya regarding the growing wage gap in the world. Zapsu stated that years ago, Ulukaya distributed 10 percent of the company shares in the United States to his employees, and that he transferred 50 percent of his assets to the foundation and said that this model has set an example for the American businessmen today.


Addressing the artificial intelligence technology as well, Zapsu says, “Artificial intelligence revolution might bring along an inequality the likes of which has never been seen in history. There will be inequality not just among the classes, but among the countries as well. Some countries like England and Japan that realized the industrial revolution in the 19th century tried to conquer other countries. If we are not careful, the same thing will happen with artificial intelligence in the 21st century. We are currently at war with the artificial intelligence army already. The United States of America and China are in the lead at this war, the other countries have fallen way behind at this race. If we fail to distribute the benefits of artificial intelligence equally for humanity, artificial intelligence will most probably create a major base for itself at several high-tech centers. Meanwhile, the other countries might go bankrupt or they might turn into exploitable colonies of information”.


Cuneyd Zapsu said, “Carbon emission has become such a problem that even if we can achieve the carbon emission reduction targets decided in the Paris Agreement made in 2016, the global climate temperatures will increase by 1.30 percent by 2030, which will further increase the risk and effects of drought, flood, extreme air temperatures and millions of people getting poor” and he continued: “The cumulative pressure on an international scale the last decade led to the development of solutions regarding the carbon emission problem. One of them is called the negative emissions technologies (NETs) and decreases the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. But still, many requirements need to be fulfilled in order for these solutions to be effective”.


As for Sundar Pichai, the Google CEO who spoke at the Davos summit, said, “There is no difference between AI (artificial intelligence) and the climate; it is not possible to ensure its safety by working as a one single country or one single company. It is essential to work on a global scale for this. The biggest risk about AI will be to not work enough on it and not make the adequate amount of progress. Because this is a technology that will affect the lives of billions of people. When I ask myself what kind of innovations we can make for the future, I can see that quantum is one of the most crucial tools in our ammo. The combination of AI with the quantum technology will allow us to overcome many problems of today”.